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Every year, for already 57 years the Croatian Cultural Association (www.hrsk.hr) organizes the Croatian Amateur Theatre Festival. It is a part of FAKS festival from 2014. This national festival represents the best productions of Croatian amateur theatres on annual basis. The preparation for the Festival begins on the regional level, where the Croatian county communities or cities organize the county festivals or individual selections.

All applied amateur theatre performances are evaluated by the selectors, which are picked between the best of Croatian theatre professionals (professional actors, directors, theatre pedagogues and academy professors), and the best plays are picked for performing at the main Festival of Croatian Amateur Theatres. So, the Festival represents between 20 and 25 performances of the best-selected Croatian theatre groups (of 180 applied) from 18-20 Croatian counties with more than 400 participants. Last few years the festival program was organized in 6 days in two beautiful Croatian cities: Pazin and Vodice.

At the end of the festival program the best theatre groups are being awarded by the members of the Festival jury – for the best performance of the Festival, the best directing, the best new drama text or adaptation, cultural heritage preservation, the most innovative performance, the best male role, the best female role, the best supporting male and female role.

International amateur theatre groups are more than welcome during the whole period of FAKS festival. The call is open all year around to theatre groups of all ages and all kinds from all over the world. It is not a stressful contest but a unique opportunity to meet other theatres from different countries and make new friends in the magic atmosphere of Istria.

Come along and enjoy the performance in one of the most beautiful locations in Istria.



Situated in the very heart of the Istrian peninsula, only around 30 km from famous tourist spots, Pazin is a town with a long and rich tradition, as well as many sights. Despite not being situated on the coast, its surroundings are ideal for a variety of sporting activities. If you wish to experience an environment in which people have been living since the ancient times, participate in programmes celebrating the tradition, life or food, stroll through the old stronghold, leaf through an incunabulum or seek inspiration, the town of Pazin and inland Istria are the perfect places for you.

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Workshops and round table discussions with renowned professionals are often incentive for future experimentations and development of artistic creations. FAKS festival is a place where procreation of new ideas occurs. With an attitude open for any suggestions from our participants, constantly following and participating on other festivals, FAKS team each year creates new values and undertakes new actions to raise artistic commitment and innovative approach, on both fields, organizational and expositional one.