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FAKS Festival is an international cultural, educational and entertaining event which emerged from the idea of lifelong learning and love for amateur creation. FAKS is definitely not a festival with competition spirit, just oppositely, we have gone step above and have made it festival of art and culture lovers, festival of friendship, connections between local and international performers, connections with local and international audience, festival of inspiration, innovation, new modern creation, festival of celebration of art work of amateurs and culture itself. Being selected for the EFFE label twice in a row for 2015/2016 and 2017/2018 give us a chance to connect with the worldwide network of culture, art and its practitioners.

Guided by the idea that culture, art and creation do not know limitations of their expression, and at the same time fostering and respecting each one’s way of presentation of their artistic work, FAKS festival is providing the opportunity for innovative artists and creators to present their ideas and their innovative work and bring them up to life. Moreover, we encourage innovative ideas and creations and their initials to participate with their contemporary work.

We do strongly believe that artistic work is dream and imagination presented through innovation. By supporting and encouraging innovative ideas and creations, we create a “multiplier effect”, in other words, other participants can get new ideas and experiment, develop them in to them specific manner. Thereby, FAKS festival is also place where exchange of artistic work and creations are taking place. Furthermore, workshops and round table discussions with renowned professionals are often incentive for future experimentations and development of artistic creations. FAKS is widely open for co-production with other festivals and all artistic practitioners.

FAKS festival is a place where procreation of new ideas occurs. With an attitude open for any suggestions from our participants, constantly following and participating on other festivals, FAKS team each year creates new values and undertakes new actions to raise artistic commitment and innovative approach, on both fields, organizational and expositional one.